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The 2015 Alliance Air Show


It’s been a while since I have taken any pictures just for fun, and even longer since I have published anything here. I had a chance to visit the Alliance Air Show today, and I’m glad I did. I am definitely a bit out of practice, but this lot of photos should keep me busy for a while.

Foul Ball

Foul Ball (1 of 1)

Fathers Day seems fitting to remember a great afternoon at Cleveland Stadium with my dad, just over 32 years ago, when he caught this foul ball hit by Mike “the human rain delay” Hargrove.  The Tribe beat Chicago 5-2 that afternoon, and my dad wrote the date on the ball before handing it to me. Thanks Dad, and Happy Fathers Day!

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

Well, I set an alarm to capture some pics of the blood moon tonight. The alarm went off, and I rushed to grab my phone and turn it off so as not to wake the baby. Unfortunately, I hid the phone under my pillow and fell back asleep. At least I woke up in time to see the eclipse and capture a few images.

Muir Redwood

Muir Redwood 12_04_2013


I haven’t taken any new pictures in far too long, but while browsing through the countless folders of yet to be edited photos on my laptop, I found this shot.  I was visiting Muir Woods in October 2011, on a dreary afternoon in the middle of the week, so I pretty much had the park to myself. I remember liking the texture and colors I saw in the trunk, but I don’t think that I ever looked back at this photo until tonight. If I remember correctly this tree was in the quiet area by Cathedral Grove.


If all goes as planned, in the coming weeks I’ll update the blog and add some new photos. That is if I can remember how to use a camera.

Beggar On The Bridge

St. Charles Bridge in Prague - December 2011

I haven’t posted in quite a while, mostly due to traveling, and trying to catch up on all of the photos I have taken during that travel. Throw in a new computer and the desire to revise my workflow, and well you know how it is.

This night we were heading back across the St. Charles Bridge, from the castle side of the river, while trying to stay warm against the biting cold. Just about the time it started to rain, I spotted this fella and his loyal companion on the side of the bridge.

Too short for this court

Too short for this court.

I entered this photo in a weekly contest, so I thought I would share it. The theme of the contest this week is “Out of Place”.

Game Four Heroes!

These were taken last night at game 4 of the World Series. The 1st Sequence is Derek Holland pitching to Albert Pujols in the 7th inning, on his way to 8 1/3 innings of shutout baseball.

This is Mike Napoli’s Three run homer that broke the game open.

Here we have Napoli and Holland discussing their strategy on pitching to A.P.

The Round Red Room

The Round Red Room

When were in San Francisco in early September, our hotel downtown had this cool little room off of the bar. I snuck down there one morning to snap this shot. I didn’t ask if the room actually had a name or not…

The Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge from Conzelman Rd.

I took this shot yesterday, from a spot on the side of Conzelman Rd. I had a very small window when the city was visible in the background. Seconds later the entire bridge was once again engulfed by the fog.

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