Old City street

Inside The Old City

Kodak film anyone? This is from Jerusalem, inside the Old City walls. It’s another shot that I would do differently now. Fortunately, I’ll have a chance to go back soon enough.


4 thoughts on “Old City street

  1. I’m not convinced of the usefulness of shooting in RAW myself. Those are humongous size files, and I take a shit ton of images…. According to Rockwell, you cannot tell the difference in the image blown up between a jpeg and RAW. I’d rather get as much of it right in the camera and keep my tweaks to as much a minimum as possible.

    • I agree with getting it right in the camera. However, you do have a great deal more data in Raw format if you ever want to make any tweaks. Also, if you get into HDR, you have to shoot in RAW. As the larger 16 and 32 GB memory cards have become less expensive, it makes it less of an issue, at least on the camera side of things. You still have to have hard drives to store all of those pics though.

      Have you tried an Expo disc yet for WB?

  2. James, one of the things you will soon find out if you haven’t already is that photography is often a series of trial and error. That’s why some of the greatest landscape masters like Ansel Adams went back to the same place time and time again – to get it right! Unfortunately, even that is not a given as you can plan and plan and mother nature won’t cooperate with you. I’m glad you will get the chance to go back and work this scene again!

    • I Hear you. I’ve learned a little since this pic, and just have some new ideas. The walkway, which has quite a bit color kind of washed out. I also wasn’t shooting in RAW, but I was worried about storage space. I now know better, I think.

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