Blurred Patriotism

I was experimenting with some long exposure night shots in Downtown McKinney this weekend. I’m not sure if I like this image or not, and I hesitated to post it here. So… give me your feedback. Stash it or trash it?


5 thoughts on “Blurred Patriotism

  1. I like it. I almost wonder what it would have looked like with people in the chairs as well, and having them move during the exposure; I think that would be kinda cool too. As it looks now, it’s almost like a ghost town with no one in sight. Technically, I think it looks good – good depth of field, nice crispness on the stuff that’s not moving, and just enough of a blur that you can still make out the flags. Neat. The only think I like to do that’s any different is when I’m setting up on buildings, it’s more pleasing to my eye to be right on the corner of the building and not off to one side or another. But that’s just a quibble and my own personal taste – YMMV.

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