Winter Wonderland Part Deux

Winter Wonderland Part Deux

This shot cost me. I was about to take my pup for a walk, when I looked outside and saw a pretty impressive sunset. So, after losing to the ice on my walkway (ice 4, me 0) I jumped in the truck and hurried back to the scene. Unfortunately, the very slick, ice and snow covered roadways slowed me down, so I just caught the tail end of the sunset. I didn’t have time to grab the tripod on my way out, which is probably a good thing, else I might have been impaled by it on my way down the walk. So handheld again, with 5 exposures. Not the detail I wanted, due to handholding with low light, but still kinda neat.


10 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland Part Deux

  1. Great job getting the shot…glad you weren’t impaled. I really like that you tried to get the sunset behind the shed/house/barn. For me, I still like the first one better. I have no idea why I prefer the first one; this is a great shot. You are becoming a wonderful photographer. I really enjoy getting to see them..Thanks.

    • It was, in many ways, epic. Weather was 3 days fantastic and 3 days survival. 3 days at the National Park and 3 at the State… sorting through images now, got a lot of good stuff.

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