Stockyards Under Cover

Stockyards Under Cover

I haven’t had a chance to post any new pictures in quite a while. The last two months have been filled with a new computer, family visiting, and a vacation thrown in the mix. It’s not that I haven’t taken any photos at all, just few that I felt were worthy of sharing. Photography like many things in life seems to be all about timing, and frequently I’ll see a shot I want but it’s the wrong time of day. The HDR technique has helped me with this a great deal, as it helps bring out the color and detail when the conditions or my skills aren’t perfect.

I have some photos to share from our recent trip to Fiji that I will be posting over the next few weeks. Well, enough babbling and on to the picture for today…

While family was visiting we made the required trip to the famous Fort Worth Stockyards for dinner one evening. I’m not really sure what this area is called, if it even has a name, but it has been made into a little mall of shops and restaurants that are covered from the elements.


5 thoughts on “Stockyards Under Cover

  1. I really like this shot; the composition is really good, and the feeling of the photo just feels right to me. Did you do HDR? That looks like a hard shot with those lights and the general darkness of the area. Nice photo!

  2. Nice shot James, and only one tourist in the pic! I just purchased a new camera, the Canon 60D. Looking to do some high school grad portraits this summer so I’m researching lenses right now. Only used the new camera once so far.

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