North Beach San Francisco

St. Peter and Paul Church

After a long wait in line, for an amazing breakfast at Mama’s, I decided to take a few shots of this famous church in North Beach. I was the fortunate that the sky was clear and bright blue, and I really liked the contrast it provided against the grayish-white church. This shot is straight out of the camera. As much as I tried to mess it up in Lightroom, it just looked better the way it was shot.


Sunset in Fiji

Fijian Sunset at Beqa Lagoon

I took this while I was trying to catch the somewhat elusive “green flash” at sunset. I actually did get a photo of the green flash, but I forgot that I had turned on the bracketing function of my camera for an HDR photo earlier in the day, so it was way overexposed. Since the flash lasts for maybe a second or two, that’s all it took to miss out. Once I realized my mistake i was left with a regular old sunset.

If you aren’t familiar with the green flash, it’s a phenomenon that can be viewed on an unobstructed horizon, usually just before sunrise, or just after sunset. There are several causes for this phenomena, but in short it has to due with the way light is refracted in the atmosphere, as the sun sets.

Foghorn Through The Fire

San Francisco Bay at Sunrise

A few weeks ago, my wife took me to San Francisco for a great surprise trip. On this morning, we woke up early and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, to catch the sunrise over the city. As you can see, the blanket of fog was quite thick, and the sun reflecting off of it made it look like almost like fire floating in the air.  We could hear this ship’s horn for a quite a while before we saw it emerge from the haze, when I was able to grab a few shots.

Golden Gate Gull

Western Gull

While in San Francisco earlier in the month, we made a visit to Golden Gate Park. The peaceful park was quite a change  from the very busy city which surrounds it, and I was pretty amazed by the amount of wildlife that calls this park home. I have been told that this is bird is either called a western gull or simply a gull, and the names seem to be interchangeable.

Duck, Duck, Deuce

I wanted to try out my new tele super-telephoto lens, so I stopped by a local pond last night and these fellows were nice enough to pose for me.  It’s a heavy lens to handhold in awkward positions, so these are far from perfect, but I think it’s a start, and it sure was fun.



Bark at the moon.

Cue up the Ozzy. I just thought I would try a little lunar photography tonight.

Beqa, Fiji Waterall

Last month my wife and I were fortunate enough to take a trip to Beqa (pronounced Benga), Fiji with some good friends. The trip was full of adventure (travelling with this group always is), great SCUBA diving, lots of laughs, and of course beautiful scenery. I’ll just say that getting to this waterfall was an interesting little hike through the tropical forest, during which some in the group bled along the way.

I think my first words upon seeing the waterfall were “I thought it would be bigger”. It was definitely worth the hike for me, and now we all have a story to tell. Some are just more painful than others.

Stockyards Under Cover

Stockyards Under Cover

I haven’t had a chance to post any new pictures in quite a while. The last two months have been filled with a new computer, family visiting, and a vacation thrown in the mix. It’s not that I haven’t taken any photos at all, just few that I felt were worthy of sharing. Photography like many things in life seems to be all about timing, and frequently I’ll see a shot I want but it’s the wrong time of day. The HDR technique has helped me with this a great deal, as it helps bring out the color and detail when the conditions or my skills aren’t perfect.

I have some photos to share from our recent trip to Fiji that I will be posting over the next few weeks. Well, enough babbling and on to the picture for today…

While family was visiting we made the required trip to the famous Fort Worth Stockyards for dinner one evening. I’m not really sure what this area is called, if it even has a name, but it has been made into a little mall of shops and restaurants that are covered from the elements.

Nobody Home

Nobody Home

Well, I didn’t knock to check, but I am making an educated guess. I took this photo as an HDR image a few weeks back on a cloudy day. While processing I really liked the look of this painterly effect. Not really a traditional photo, but I like it.



I actually went to this location to take a much different photo, but when a truck blocking the road made me take an alternate approach, I discovered this view…sort of. Actually, I got out of my truck to look around and came across a family of beavers living just outside of this frame. While I was watching the beavers and trying to get close enough for a picture of them as daylight faded, I came up with this idea, and rushed  back to the truck to swap lenses. It’s funny how things come together accidentally. The sunset added a golden hue to scene that I really like.

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